Fender Flares Set Wide Body Kit +CutOuts Panels FOR Subaru Impreza 2000-2007 JDM

Fender Flares Set Wide Body Kit +CutOuts Panels FOR Subaru Impreza 2000-2007 JDM
Fender Flares Set Wide Body Kit +CutOuts Panels FOR Subaru Impreza 2000-2007 JDM
Fender Flares Set Wide Body Kit +CutOuts Panels FOR Subaru Impreza 2000-2007 JDM

Fender Flares Set Wide Body Kit +CutOuts Panels FOR Subaru Impreza 2000-2007 JDM
This product data sheet is originally written in English. Welcome To RiderPitstop - MOTOMAX INC. You Are Requested To Ask Any Questions You May Have Before Ordering. If You Require Any Changes / Customization / Clarification / Any Other Information That You Would Like To Know Other Than Described Here, Send Us A Message And We Will Get Back To You. Please Do Not Order Until You Read Back From Us To Avoid Cancellation Charges / Issues Later. Drop-shippers / Dealers / Distributors. We Retail And Wholesale And We Would Be Happy To Develop International Dealers & Distributors. In Some Regions, We Are Using Automatically Translated Description Which May Be Translated Wrong. We Always Have Products Ready Or We Can Get Them Made Quickly. This Does Not Apply To Painted And Finished Goods. Do Not Use Long Keywords / Phrases Like (1975 Cadillac Eldorado Rear Bumper Quarter Filler Panels). This Is A General Description And May Not Relate With The Product Offered In This Listing.

Product Title Given Here Describes Mostly Everything About The Brand And Models The Product Fits To (Please Also Check The Fitment Section If There Is Any In The Description). We Will Contact You 1-3 Times, Failure To Receive A Response From You Will Lead Us To Send You The Ones We Have Available / Are Best Sellers. GM And Their Affiliates Never Made Aftermarket Versions Of The Bumper Fillers We Currently Offer. Only A Handful Of Companies Around The World Makes Them And We Are Among The Ones Who Manufactures Them In-House Unlike Other Companies Who Have Their Vendors In Different Asian Regions. These Bumper Fillers Are Not Made From ABS Plastic.

Incase Of Fiberglass, You Can Always Get Them Repaired Professionally or Do It Yourself And It Will Look Just Like New After Repairs. Our Fillers Are Made With Flexible Resins And The Parts Can Be Flexed To Fit The Vehicle. Fiberglass Bumper Fillers Are Weatherproof, Won't Rot Or Crack (Assuming Normal Usage And Normal Weather Conditions), Will Arrive Prepped And Primed Ready To Do Minimal Prep Work And Paint. Though They're Designed To Fit Like Your Original Bumper Filler, Using The Hardware You Already Have To Attach The New Fillers, You Should Pre-fit Or Pre-install Them Before Conducting Any Prep Work To See If Any Alterations Need To Be Made Based On Your Vehicle's Unique Details. We've Learned That Some 1970s & 1980s GM Cars Were Built Better Than Others.

If Yours Isn't One That Was, These Fillers Will Still Fit, You Just Might Need To Elongate A Pre-drilled Hole Or Make Additional Alteration First. We Know First-hand: The Exact Same Set Of Fillers Can Fit One Car One Way Yet When Taken Off That Car And Placed On A Seemingly-identical Copy Of That Model, Not Fit The Same Way Without Some Adjustment First. If You're Not Experienced At Body Work, A Body Shop Qualified And Experienced With Working With GM And Bumper Fillers Should Be Able To Help With Installation And Painting. Please Note: Hardware / Attachments etc.

Are Not Included With Any Of Our Products. Please Note That Our Parts Are Made To Factory Level Specifications.

As A Result, Our Bumper Extensions Only Match The Original Bumper Fillers Or The Ones Made By Us (Motomax Inc). Consequently, Our Bumper Extensions Will Not Match Up With Any Other After-market Bumper Fillers And Extensions Not Produced By Motomax Inc Or The Originals. Text Us Anytime If You Don't See The Fillers You Need, Or Just Want To Make Sure You're Ordering The Right Fillers For Your Car. Responsibility: Please Note That We Are Not Responsible For Labor Expenses, Towing Expenses, Additional Repair Expenses, Rental Car Expenses Or Other Related Expenses Caused By The Duration Of Time Required For You To Receive The Parts You Order, Or Caused By Any Of The Listed Problems And Any Additional Time Required To Fix Them, Or Caused By Lost Or Misplaced Parcels, Incorrect Installation, And/or The Use Of Any Wrong, Broken Or Defective Part At Any Time. Pictures: Pictures We've Included In Our Listing Are For Illustrative Purposes Only, To Help You See What Part Is Being Offered Or To Show You A Sample Picture Of The Car That The Part That We've Described Will Fit. No Vehicles Are Being Offered For Sale. Parts May Come In Different Color Primer Than The Listed Pictures Or In Multiple Different Shades But It Does Not Matter Since All Of Them Require Prep And Paint.

We Receive A Number Of Messages Daily And Work With Walk-in Customers. Before Messaging Us With A Question, Please Be Sure To Read The Complete Description, Check The Pictures, Read The Title/Material/Finish Provided, Item Specifics, Variants, Fitment Etc.

If You Need Clarification About Anything Or Have A Question That Is Not Addressed In The Listing, Please Feel Free To Send Us A Message Please Note: Due To The Impact Of C O V On Businesses Worldwide, We Are Working With Limited Work Force So It May Take Some Time To Respond To Your Queries. We Usually Keep Enough Stock To Fulfill Orders. Please Ignore The Available Quantity Mentioned In Our Listings. This Is Mentioned So The Item Does Not End And Watchers Do Not Lose Link To The Listings. Irregular Packages Like Fenders And Other Items May Come In Foam Only Packaging. Please Note, Settlement Of Claims Takes Time, We Will Require Your Patience Through The Process. Due To Lockdown In Some Locations Worldwide, The Transit Times Have Extended By 10-30 Days. In Most Cases Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Finland, New Caledonia, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, North Korea And More. Please Note: Tracking Numbers Are Provided On Request Within 10 Days Of Dispatch.

Settlement Of Claims Takes Time, We Will Require Your Patience Through The Process. Change Of Address After Ordering Will Be Additional Charge Of 40 Us Dollars. We Have Return Location At 18974 PA, USA And 73033 Stuttgart, Germany. We Do Not Have The Facility To Provide Return Label.

Still Attached With All Included Pieces Shown And Described In The Listing And Without Any Modifications. Products Should Be Described As Return Order, Not For Sale With Market Value "Zero" Sent Through No Other Than Postal Service. We Try Our Best To Keep Our Customers Happy But Problems Occur Unexpectedly Even After Our Strict Quality Control. Please Note, We Can Only Help You If You Co-operate With Us In Resolving The Problems. These Matters Take Time But We Try Our Best To Resolve All Issues As Quickly As Possible.

In Any Case, If The Goods Are Not As Expected Or Have Any Problem, Just Send Us A Quick Message With Pictures And We Will Try To Find A Solution As Quickly As Possible. We Reserve The Right To Cancel Any Order. No Manuals, Guides, Installation Instructions, Photos Etc.

Are Provided To Help You Install The Product. Parts Come Un-assembled Of Hardware / Grills Or Any Other Fittings Shown In The Pictures. None Of Our Products Come With Lights, Hardware, Grill / Mesh (Regardless Of Pictures Listed), Seat (Incase Of Rear Fenders) Etc.

Since All Our Of Products Are Custom Made, They May Be Difficult To Install And You May Require Professional Help In The Installation Which May Incur Additional Cost (Sometimes Costing More Than The Product Itself). No Tuv Certificate / Any Other Documentation Is Provided For Automobile Authorities To Legalize The Use Of Our Products On Your Automobile. Fit / Finish / Additional Work / Adjustments / Modifications Required.

Due To Being A Completely Manual Process, Chances Of Issues Are There. Note - There Are A Number Of Issues Which Are Present In Fiberglass Molded Products.

Not Every Part Has All The Issues Or Same Issues With All Products We Generally Do Not Have Issues With Our Products. Some Products Don't Have Any Issues At All Which Is What We Aim For But In Some Cases, There Maybe A Few Or One Or All Of The Issues Mentioned Here. Please Do Not Expect The Products To Look / Work As Mass Produced Items Right Out Of The Box.

Fiberglass Products Will Be Supplied Unpainted (Unless Mentioned For Any Other Finish) And In Gel-coat / Bare / Primer Finish (White / Black / Grey / Any Other Color) Regardless Of Pictures Listed. Actual Color / Finish Of The Item May Differ From Photos. Please Note: Gel-coat Is Purely A Sandable Surface And May Have Scratches (May Look Used But It Is Not). It May Require A Few Processes To Be Done Before Paintjob I. Preparation/Prep-work, Sanding, Stretching/Compressing/Squeezing/Expanding Due To Warpage/Shrinkage (May Look Asymmetrical), Priming And Painting To Your Choice Of Color At Your Cost.

Inner Surface Of The Parts May Look Bad / Unpleasing And May Require Preparation Work And Paintjob. You May Have To Do Any / Few / All Of The Following In Order To Make The Item Fit Your Application Perfectly Which May Require Professional Help And Can Attract Additional Charges To Be Paid (This Has To Be Paid By The Customer Only) Cutting / Grinding / Finishing / Trimming / Cutting Tail Light Slots / Filing / Increasing Hole Size / Bodywork - Includes Drilling Holes (We May / May Not Drill Holes Unless Indicated By Customer At The Time Of Ordering Regardless Of The Pictures) / Bondo / Body Filler Filling / Sanding / Scuffing / Scrubbing / Fiber Filling / More Material Adding Or Molding Etc. / Preparation/Prep-work / Polishing / Buffing / Gluing / Bonding / Fixing Broken Mounting Tabs / Relocation Of Broken/Bent Mounting Tabs/Brackets / Minor-major Modifications / Cleaning / Washing / Degreasing / Deburring / Other Forms Of Repairs / Adjustments / Lining Up, Customizing Oem/ Original Or New Seats To Match With The Airbox Covers For V Rod And Softail Models, Additional Hardware - Nuts / Bolts / Washers / Spacers / Tabs / Lugs / Bungs / Clips / Brackets / Rivets / Screws / Grills / Mesh / Custom Attachments Or Other Fittings To Be Able To Fit The Product And This Has To Be Done Before The Paintjob. Items May Have Scratches / Broken Areas / Pinholes / Scuff Marks / Burrs / Unfinished Edges Or Areas / Discoloration Of Surface Finish / Stars Or Spider Marks / Dents / Grease Marks / Fingerprints / Dust / Uneven Surface / Surface Waves / Sagging / Porosity / Craters / Pock Marks / Fisheyes / Air Bubbles / Orange Peel / Surface Flakes / Wrinkles / Alligator Marks / Chalking / Fading / Spotting / Distortion Or Warping Or Deformation Or Wavy Surface / Lose Fibers / Loose Mounting Points / Dimples / Roughness / Release Or Delamination Of Surface Layer / Surface Defects / Mold Parting Lines Or Crease / Release Of Fibers / Water Spots / Resin Tearing / Blisters / Blushing / Heat Lines / Poor Flow Or Leveling / Air Pockets / Pre-release / Print Through Pattern On Surface From Fiber Reinforcement / Sticky Surface Or Inner Side / Uncured Surface Or Resin / Pits / Chips / Packaging Marks / Cracks / Stress Cracks Etc.

All Of Which Are Common With Fiberglass Molded Products And Needs To Be Repaired / Finished Before Paintjob. Being Made With Clear Resins, Light May Pass Through The Fiberglass Parts.

Most Of The Issues Mentioned Above Means The Same With Different Names. Not All Parts Have Issues. Please Study Working & Issues With Fiberglass Before Ordering If You Wish To Do Everything Yourself. Since These Are Hand Made Parts, Do Not Expect Them To Fit Like An OEM Produced Part. Parts / Vehicle May Require Extensive Modification To Fit.

We Also Offer Complete Finishing System From Sanding, Priming And High Quality Standard And Custom Paintjobs, Hydrographics / Hydrodipping, Electroluminiscent Paint, Spray Chrome, Heat Sensitive Paint, Neon Paint, Glow In The Dark Paint, Silver/Gold Leafing, Pinstriping, Powder Coating, Anodizing Etc. Check With Us Before Ordering. In Painted / Finished Products, We Will Take Care Of Surface Defects And Prep-work (Drilling May Still Be Required). Adjustments/Modifications May Still Be Required. Our Products Are Supplied With Standard Quality Paintjob. Please Do Not Expect Spray Chromed Products As Good As Real Hard Chrome Plated Products. This Is Basically A Paint In Chrome Finish. Carbon Fiber Finish (Additional Cost).

Parts Listed With The Name Of Carbon Fiber Are Fiberglass Parts Coated With Carbon Fiber Hydrographics / Hydro-Dipping Film And Not Real Carbon Fiber. Please Do Not Expect Carbon Fiber Hydrographic Products To Perform / Look As Good As Real Carbon Fiber Products. This Is Basically A Layer Of Printed Vinyl Film Coated Over The Parts And Is For Aesthetics Purpose Only.

Metal Parts Will Come In Unpainted / Unfinished Condition / Surface Oxidation (Rust) Unless Mentioned In The Listing Regardless Of The Listed Pictures. Some Brackets May Come In Black Color. Painted / Chrome / Nickel Etc.

Plated Parts May Also Have Surface Rust. Inside Of The Metal Parts May Require Sealing Before Paintjob Or Fitting To The Motorcycle.

Stainless Steel Products Tend To Change Color With Heat. Metal Polished Items May Have Polishing Marks / Scuffs / Fabric Burrs.

Please Do Not Expect Them To Be Mirror Polished. Cast Metal Parts May Have Casting Flaws I. Dings, Dents, Potholes, Marks & Imperfections, Polishing Compound Residue Etc.

And Each One Is Slightly Different. May Not Look As Photos.

Additional Work For Products Listed In Our Store. Our Products Are Mostly Used For Show Purpose And We Are Not Responsible If Something Breaks / Fails Claiming Human Life Or Injuries While Riding / Installation (Professional Installation Is Always Advised). We Work With Only The Best And Tested Suppliers But Since The Parts Are Handmade, They Do Not Undergo Strict Quality Control System Like Mass Produced Products.

Please Check With Your Own Authorities For Any Additional Documentation / Approval Required To Use The Product In Your Location. We Are Not Responsible For Any Fine Caused By Using Our Product Without An Approval. Your Feedback Is Important To Us So Our Customers Can Know More About Our Products And Services. We Are Open To Suggestions.

Feel Free To Send Us Any Suggestion Regarding Our Products / Description Etc. Your Inputs Are Important To Us. People Who Would Feature Our Products On Their You-tube Channel / In Sta-gram Page / Fa Ce-book Page With 1000 Or More Subscribers/Followers Can Ask For Special Discounts. We Are Constantly Adding New Products For Vintage And Classic Motorcycles And Cars, Bobbers, Choppers, Baggers, Cafe Racers, Street Bikes, Hot Rods And More..

We'd Be Glad To Answer All Your Queries. We Would Appreciate If You Could Spread A Word About Our Company Among The Car Clubs, F Ace-book, In Sta-gram Parts Traders, Bike Shows Etc. So We Can Help More People & Enthusiasts Like You Make Their Machines Stand Out With The Unique Products We Offer. No Part Of This Description And Pictures On This Page May Be Reproduced, Distributed, Used For Commercial Purpose / Listings By Other Sellers, Or Transmitted In Any Form Or By Any Means, Including Photocopying, Recording, Or Other Electronic Or Mechanical Methods, Without The Prior Written Permission. Some Well Known Brand Names Are Mentioned In The Titles So Customers Can Find Products Quickly And Know The Item Can Fit / Can Be Made To Fit Their Vehicle.

Waiver And Release Of Liability, Assumption Of Risk, And Indemnity Agreement. This Agreement Includes A Release Of Liability And Waiver Of Legal Rights And Deprives You Of The Right To Sue Motomax Inc. Seek The Advice Of Legal Counsel If You Are Unsure Of Its Effect. This Agreement Represents The Complete Understanding Between The Parties Regarding These Issues And No Oral Representation, Statements, Or Inducements Have Been Made Apart From This Agreement.

If Any Provision Of This Agreement Is Held To Be Unlawful, Void, Or For Any Reason Unenforceable, Then That Provision Shall Be Deemed Severable From This Agreement And Shall Not Affect The Validity And Enforceability Of Any Remaining Provisions. Our Products Do Not Met Dot Or SAE Guidelines For Safety. This Is Especially True Of Our Fiberglass Products, Metal Tanks Crush Upon Impact. Fiberglass Can Break And Leak Upon Impact. This Of Course Is A Source Of Fire And A Danger To You And Others.

By Purchasing Any Of Our Products (And Other Non-compliant Dot And SAE Parts) You Are Assuming The Risks Of Danger, Injury And Death. We Are A Trading Company And All The Products We Have Listed Are Made / Supplied By Third Parties Only.

We Do Not Have Any Control Over Production Of Any Patented / Branded / Trademarked Products By A Third Party. All The Products, Pictures, Logos, Titles And Information Are Given By Third Parties. All Cases Are Subject To Be Settled Under Delhi, India Jurisdiction Only. We Wish You A Great Day And Expect Your Visit Again At Our Store..

Fiberglass Products Will Be Supplied Unpainted Unl.

Fender Flares Set Wide Body Kit +CutOuts Panels FOR Subaru Impreza 2000-2007 JDM